14 Feb 2018

What’s the journal all about?

To put it simply, a daygame lab and kitchen (and a beta version at that). A brew of theory and practice.

I’ve never thought of pouring too much heart into writing up my adventures and observations on the subject but I think I have some from the past and some ahead of me, likewise to the benefit of my own reflection and to the entertainment of the reader.

Thus, the first post it is… Reverse chronology of publication of those make them buried under the weight of the news ones, hence I am little reluctant to try to entice the reader. Having said that, one cannot avoid to start from somewhere, be it green hills or a dark valley, start with writing up a bunch of moderately good content, some sprinkling on top and once the thing gets some steam, press ahead and make it ever-so-slightly more entertaining.

No biographical note regarding what, why, when. Much will come to light as the time goes by.